What Is Depression And Its Symptoms

What is Depression A depressive disorder includes mood, body and thoughts. People who get depressed can not get better. Depression is very dangerous disease in human world and if someone feel that he is feeling alone or having negative thoughts he must meet with a doctor.  Types of Depression Major Depression: Characteristics of major depression is … Read more

What Is Bronchitis And Its Symptoms

What Is Bronchitis? Inflammation is one of the chemical reactions in the human body. This creates pain, swelling and redness. Bronchitis can be caused because of Bacteria Viruses Breathing in certain kinds of irritating chemicals Smoking When the cells coated the bronchial tubes are aggravated, the cilia (tiny hairs) generally catch and remove the outside … Read more

What is Bipolar? Types And Symptoms

What is Bipolar? It contains changes in the mood from the mania’s highs up to the lower of chief misery. Bipolar disorder cycles last for months, weeks or days if the mood is good or bad. Bipolar disarray is not like regular mood swings. It is much powerful and troublesome to an everyday activity like … Read more

What is Autism And Its Signs

Kids affected by this behaves differently than the average child. It becomes challenging for the child who has autism to speak well and express the feeling in words. They react strangely on anything that happens around them. They bother to the very normal voice and even not feel comfortable to the gentle touch. What is … Read more

What is Asthma And Its Symptoms

What is Asthma Asthma means when people feel scared and stressed. The feeling of nervousness caused Asthma. An example is that somebody worried about interviews or exams. It affects the whole body. It affects feelings, behavior. Asthma has actual physical symptoms. Facts Details about Asthma Asthma is typical – Everybody is familiar with Asthma at … Read more

Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocado

The avocado (Biological name: Persea Americana) is a native to Central Mexico, belonging to the family Lauraceae. It is an egg-shaped, green-skinned fruit. Also known as Alligator Pear, Avocado fruit is generally pale to rich-yellow with a bland taste. It has a single seed, oblate or conical in shape and ivory in color. Few fruits … Read more