All About BCA Computer Diploma- Salary, Jobs and Future Scope In 2021

Do you want to do the BCA course after the 12th class? Do you want t build your future in the BCA study program after the 12th? If yes, in this guide, we are covering the complete detail about what is BCA and the benefit of doing this course and covering why you should BCA course and is worth doing in 2021? 

But first of all let me tell you what BCA is and how you can build your future in computer courses because we can see them in 2021. Every company is looking to hire a computer operator or BCA holders to improve their branding and working efficiency. 

What is BCA 

BCA full form is a bachelor of computer application in which student learn computer programming such as java, CSS, c++ etc apart from that student also learn many factors of a computer so BCA course is a perfect fit in this digital world to build future apart from that this is three years undergraduate program that student can do after 12th class. 

Why Choose BCA Diploma After 12th Class?

Many students want to know the benefits of the BCA course because they want to get admission in this diploma, which is why they want full information about the BCA course. 

We live in the digital world, and every work is being completed with a computer machine. That is why the computer field has vast future scope in this world. Within the next coming years, the computer field will become one of the best and trendy fields in the market. 

But it does not earn that there is currently no scope of this course if you see in multinational companies then more than ten employees have been done this course and work in a respected job profile. 

Apart from that, if we talk about this course’s salary package, then a BCA holder can get up to 2L to 3L per annual salary package, so it is good to go with the BCA study program in India

How To Get Admission In BCA Course After 12th Class In India

If you want to get admission in this course, you need to pass the 12th class with minimum passing marks to get admission in BCA diploma and there are many colleges in India where you can get admission. 

But here are a quick overview of how to get admission to the BCA course after the 12th class.

Complete 12th Class

First of all if you have not completed your 12th class you cannot get admission in this field; that is why it is compulsory to pass the 12th class with 65% marks for getting admission in this field. 

For getting admission to BCA course you can do 12th class in any stream; there is no stream requirement for this diploma. 

Apply For BCA

After the 12th class you need to visit your nearest college to which you want to get admission and you can directly apply for the BCA course; there is no exam for this course that students need to clear for it. 

You can also get admission in government college if you have good passing marks in 12th class and build your future. 

So this is how you can get admission in BCA course after 12th class in India and apart from that you can also do the post-graduate course after BCA diploma. 

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We will now discuss India’s best colleges for the BCA study program because it is important to know the best college where you will get the most professional study material with the latest study subjects.

Best College For BCA Study In 2021

  1. Christ University
  2. SIU Pune, Model Colony Campus
  3. Loyola College
  4. Kristu Jayanti College
  5. SJC Bangalore College- St. Joseph’s College
  6. Stella Maris College
  7. Amity University, Noida
  8. Women’s Christain College
  9. MCC- Madras Christian College
  10. St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad

These are the top 10 colleges for the BCA study program in India in 2021 and students can easily get admission in this course in one of the above colleges. 

What Is The Course Fees In Private College 

BCA course fees can vary as per college ranking and study program but if we talk about the average fees’ annual fees, you need to pay around 60k to 80k per annual for admission to top-level college in India. 

But after completing this course from a top level college your salary figure will also be higher than normal package so there is no any hard requirement for this course admission. 

Now we will see the course subjects that you will learn during studying BCA. 

BCA Syllabus In 2021
  • Business Communications 
  • Principles of Management
  • Programming Principle And Algorithms
  • Basic computer and Office automation
  • Business accounting
  • Elements of statistics
  • C programming
  • Cost Accounting
  • Numerical Methods
  • Organizational Behaviours
  • Data structure using C
  • Networking
  • Visual Basics
  • Inventory management
  • Software engineering
  • NET Frame
  • Core Java
  • Multimedia system
  • e-commerce
  • Project work
  • Advance Java
  • File structure and Database concept

These are the BCA course syllabus that you will learn in 3 years study program apart from some other subjects that are being updated so you will get information about them when you get admission to your desired college. 

Future Scope Of BCA Course

In this digital world, we are all working on a computer and for that we need to know the basic and advanced level factor of computer and all about its programming system that is being used by computer so for that every company hires BCA or degree holders who are experienced or learn to program in a study program. 

So you can say that within the next coming years BCA holders and computer degree holders’ demand will be high and computer knowledge will be compulsory for every student. 

  • Build your future because the computer field has vast scope in future
  • Get a salary package around 2L to 3L per annual in a private company
  • Prepare and get a government job for a better future
  • Do a postgraduate study program or apply for an abroad study program
  • Become a professional level employee with this professional course

Final Summary

You have learned all about the BCA course. Why it is crucial for you if you are looking to have an office job then this course is perfect for your future because it is three years course. You can also apply for abroad study after BCA diploma so it is good to go with BCA diploma because you can also prepare for government job instead of a private job. 

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