All About Polytechnic Course- Jobs, Salary And Future Scope In 2021

Polytechnic course is the best course for 10th pass students who want to build future in the mechanical industry and want to become an engineer, so if you also wish to get admission in this course stay with us, we are going to provide the complete detail about the polytechnical course in India and what is the process of getting admission in this course.

What Is A Polytechnic Course

Polytechnic course is for those students who want to make a career in the mechanical industry and want to be a part of the tech industry. Hence, it depends on you that in which course you want to build a future because the mechanical industry is huge and has a good future scope to build a future in this field.

But how do you get admission to the polytechnic course? What are the benefits of doing this course? Let’s discuss this here.

Benefits Of Doing Polytechnic Course

There are many benefits of doing polytechnic course after 10th class so let’s discuss that,

Good Salary Package

When you prepare for a polytechnic course and complete it with good marks, you will have a good job opportunity in the future because this is a mechanical field and you can easily get a job in this field even if you are a fresher.

As a fresher, you can get a salary of around 16k to 18k monthly, but it can be different from your company status and experience.

Huge Job Chances

In the mechanical field, there are many big and international companies where you can apply for a job but most of the polytechnic diploma holders prepare for a government job and work in the government sector.

And the mechanical industry is booming every year, which is why companies need more man power and hire more and more employees. So you have huge job chances in the future and a good salary package but if you have experience in this field then this will give you extra benefits and perks.

Chances For Postgraduation Study

This is not only to have a diploma but you have many options after completing this course in mechanical engineering and building a future.

But many students go abroad for work purposes and some students get admission to a postgraduation program. It depends on you that how you want to build your future and where you want to see yourself in next coming years.

The best thing is, you can get admission in degree in the second year if you have done your polytechnic diploma in engineering.

Now we will see how to apply for a polytechnic course and the producer of getting admission in this course after the 10th class.

How To Apply For Polytechnic Course

If you want to build a future in the polytechnic course field then you need a 10th pass certificate and good passing marks in it then you can go to any nearest college and apply for this course.

  • Student age should not be less than 16 years
  • The student must have 10th class certificate
  • A student should be a citizen of India

So this is how you can get admission in this field and apply for this course apart from that now we will discuss the best colleges in India for polytechnic diploma because you must know about colleges from where you can do your study.

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Best College For Polytechnic Course In India

  • Vels Institute Of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies ( VELS University) Chennai
  • Institute Of Hotel Management (IHM MUMBAI), Mumbai
  • Manipal College Of Dental Sciences (MCODS), Mangalore
  • CMC Vellore (CMC VELLORE), Vellore
  • Satya Sai School of Engineering Diploma, Odisha
  • Tamilnadu Agricultural University (TAU), Coimbatore
  • Asian College Of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai
  • Institute Of Hotel Management (IHM Bangalore), Bangalore
  • Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune
  • St. Xaviers College (SXC), Mumbai

These are some colleges in India for the polytechnic courses and if you wish to apply to any of the above colleges, then visit their official website and get help from them with the admission process, fees, etc.

FaQ On All About Polytechnic Course

Q1: Is a Polytechnic diploma good for a career?

Ans: Yes, a polytechnic course is good for career scope because it is related to engineering and huge job opportunities in the market.

Q2: Can I do this diploma after 8th class?

Ans: No, to get admission in polytechnical diploma, you must have a 10th class certificate and good passing marks.

Q3: Can I get admission in after a polytechnic course in India?

Ans: Yes, you will get admission in the second year of that means you will save your first year and directly get admission in second year.

Q4: Can I go abroad to work after this diploma?

Ans: Yes, you can go to any abroad country to work there and build a future.

Final Summary

We have discussed the polytechnic course, its salary, jobs, and future scope; if any student does apart from that if you have any questions or confusion just leave your thoughts.

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