Best Courses For 12th Pass Students In India (2021)

After completing higher class students want a real and complete guide about what they should after 12th class and in this guide, I try to put all information useful for students and build a future and get a good salary package in India.

What Course Is Good For 12th Pass Student

If you have done your 12th class and now want to do the full-time course you are in the right place and we will cover some best courses that you can do after 12 classes.

Not every course helps build the future but if you have information about your course and the future scope of that course you can surely succeed in that field.

But how can you build your future after the 12th class and which course will be beneficial for you? Let’s begin.

LLB Course

LLB course is for those students who want to become a lawyer in India and if you also have a dream to become a lawyer in India then you can go with the LLB course. 

LLB is stand by Law study in which students learn about country laws and all things related to the law, so it is a good course, but students have to invest three years to get a certificate in the LLB course.

The full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus is also called a bachelor’s degree in law and students can become lawyers after completing this course and building a future.

Future Scope Of LLB Degree Holders

In India, there is a vast scope for a lawyer because there are more than one lakh pending cases are available it means you have good job opportunities in the future if you want to become a lawyer it is good to go with this course.

But if you want to continue your study, you can still apply for a postgraduate study program in India and build your future but when you do the postgraduate program, you will quickly get a good salary package in the government sector but if you have your own law firm, your income will be higher than your normal salary package.

Computer Science Degree

This is another degree program that students can do after 12th class and build a future because we live in a digital world and every country booming in the computer world. That means there is a huge scope for a computer science degree holder.

This degree is five years duration program after the 12th class and you can apply for a job in any IT company and easily build your future apart from that you can still do post graduate program or go for abroad study.

Future Scope Of Computer Science Degree

There are huge opportunities in the IT field because every company needs hundreds of employees to complete and expand a business. That is why a computer degree in the study program has a good future scope.

A computer degree holder can easily get salary packager around 5L to 10L per annual after earning good experience in this field and you can also go for work in abroad after this degree and build future in 2021.

MBBS Course

MBBS course is another option for those students who want a respected job in the medical line because becoming an mbbs doctor is not an easy task as students think it needs to study hard for passing the NEET exam but if you a dream you can fulfill it.

Students need to pass the NEET exam after the 12th class in order to become an MBBS degree but still, you can also get direct admission in the MBBS course but for that, you have to pay a huge amount of money.

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But if you want to become a professional doctor in India then you have to do an M.D degree after your mbbs study program in India.

Future Scope Of MBBS Degree

MBBS degree holders can easily get a job in any hospital but if you have good experience in this field you can easily get good salary package around one lakh monthly basis.

Every hospital needs a professional doctor and the medicine line is a costly field so it is worthy of having an mbbs degree and M.D degree then after you can build your future.

BCA Diploma

BCA diploma is a good course for those students who want to get an office job to go with this course and build your future.

In this course students will learn about computer programming, Java, CSS, C++ and advanced java study subjects and you can improve your skills for good salary pack. 

So BCA diploma is good for female students and male students but most of the students that do this course are female students.

This diploma is around 3 years duration course that you can do and you can also apply for an abroad study program and build your future there. 

Future Scope Of BCA Diploma 

For BCA holders, many companies hire employees n a daily. You can imagine that they cannot survive and do work in every company without a computer, so they need some computer operator who can handle their daily tasks and do work on time.

As a BCA holder, you can get around 20k to 25k salary package in India, but your salary will also be high if you do the job abroad.

FaQ On Best Courses After 12th Class

Q1: What course Is Best After 12th Class In India?

Ans: If you want to build your future then you can go with a degree, BCA diploma, Or LLB course after 12th class; these are good for building a future. 

Q2: Is It Degree Program Is Good For Career?

Ans: If you choose the right degree program such as a computer programming degree, Electrical degree, and related to technology, you can build a good career in India.

 Final Summary

These courses are in high demand in India and if you do any f the above course you can become successful in your life.

If you have any questions you can comment below and if this guide is helpful then also share it with your friends.

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