Build Career As A Army Officer In India

Do you want to build a career as an army officer? If you wish to join the Indian army then you are in the right place in this guide you will get a complete detailed producer of becoming an army officer and what study you need and what are the benefits of being an Indian army officer.

Basic Guide About Indian Army Officer

Being an Indian army officer is a very respected job and hard job because you need to perform various tasks while working in a civil sector that is why being an Indian army officer is not an easy task. You have to do tough work you will perform various tasks such as protecting the nation from attackers, making it corruption-free, and work in an office. Hence, if you have decided to work in civil service, then here is the step-by-step guide to becoming an officer in the Indian army.

Eligibility For Army Officer

There are some requirements that you have to fulfill in order to become an Indian army officer in India check these following requirements,

  • The candidate must have a 12th class certificate in order to apply for the NDA exam.
  • Candidate age should not be less than 16 years and above 27 years.
  • The candidate should be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidate must clear the NDA exam and all physical requirements.
  • The candidate will be promoted to an Indian army officer after written and completing the physical requirements.
  • Candidates have to complete 12th class in chemistry, physics, and mathematics stream.
  • Candidate must have 70% marks in 12th class and 70% in mathematics
  • After successfully training NDA, candidates will get a degree from Indian army college and other perks.

How To Prepare For NDA Exam

Prepare The Previous Exam Papers

First of all, to clear the NDA test, you need to prepare all previous exam papers from where you can get an idea of what types of questions you will see in your exam and read all those questions and answers.

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Join Tuition Classes

If you are not able to prepare for the exam on your own, you need to join the tuition classes where teachers will help you to prepare for the NDA exam and you can get help from them; apart from that, they will also give you tips and study methods for preparing the exam.

Do Hard Work

If you aim to join the Indian army job, you need to do tough work for that and must study for a long time to achieve your goals and if you join tuition classes, this will boost your knowledge.

Types Of Jobs In Indian Army Service

There are many job profiles in the Indian army service and if you want to know what types of job profiles that you will perform then read the following job operation,

Army Engineer: This role if a tough and reasonable profile for a candidate because in this field you will have to do tasks such as construct roads, helipads, airfields, bridges, and much more.

Intelligence Crops: In this field, you will perform various tasks such as protecting army areas by the online system and keep an eye on enemies. In this job profile, you can work in the office.

Medical Crops: In this field, you will perform tasks in hospitals, taking care of officers and their families so this duty makes its responsible job profile in the army field.

Apart from that, there are some other job profiles in which you can get a job and know that information you can visit the Indian army official website.

Top Colleges to pursue a career as Army Officer

To build a career in NDA or Indian army jobs, students can check these listed colleges to prepare and complete the NDA study program required.

  • Lovely Professional University
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • SRM University
  • Birla Institutes Of Technology And Science
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bangalore

Salary Structure In Indian Army Service

If we talk about an Indian army officer’s salary package, you can get up to 30k as a new officer and when you will be promoted your salary package will also increase.

FaQ On How To Become A Indian Army Officer

Q1: How Can I Join NDA After 12th Class?

Ans: You need to pass the exam in order to join the NDA service and the NDA exam is very hard, you need to do tough work for passing the exam.

Q2: Can I Apply For NDA After Graduation?

Ans: Yes you can apply for the NDA exam after graduation but make sure that you have done 12th class in the science stream.

Q3: Is NDA Service Good For Career?

Ans: Indian army officers will have many perks and benefits and a good salary package so it’s good for career scope.

Q4: Can Females Give The NDA Exam?

Ans: Yes, In India girls can also apply for the NDA exam.

Final Summary

You have learned about becoming an Indian army officer and following the above producer, you can prepare and apply for the NDA exam in India and build a future.

If you have any confusion related to this topic you can ask us via the comment section.

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