How To Become A Government Teacher In 2021

Do you want to become a government teacher in India? In this post, we will provide complete detail about how to become a government teacher in India and the future scope of a government employer,  so stay with us.

What Is A Government Teacher

Teaching line is one of the best and most respected fields in India and if you have decided to prepare for the government job then you need to take care of many things and we have mentioned all step by step guide to become a government teacher in India. 

In India, many students have a dream to become a government teacher after their study program and for that, they do hard for and preparation for that because government job is a secure job and provide many benefits with good salary package so that is why many students interested in being a professional teacher.

In order to become a government teacher in India job seeker must have basic skills to become a teacher; apart from that there are some exams that job seeker needs to clear and if you are planning to do this exam then let’s see what and which exam will help you to become a professional teacher in India and build your future.

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a government teacher in India and by following the mentioned step you can also become a teacher and build your future.

Complete Your 12th Class

In order to become a government teacher first of all you need to do your 12th class with a minimum of 60% passing marks if you want to prepare for a teaching job in India because if you do not do 12th class there is no chance to become a professional that is why it is a most important step for becoming a teacher in India.

Complete Graduation Program`

Now after completing your 12th class with good marks, you need to do graduation and for getting a good rank in exams you must study hard for higher marks in the graduation program; then after you can apply for the TET exam and this will be your first step for becoming a government teacher.

After completing your graduation program, your next step will begin and where you will prepare for the TET exam but here are some things that you need to take care of; let’s see them on the table.

Teacher Info PRT TGT PGT
Eligibility Criteria BTC Or NTT Or B.ed B.ed Post Graduation
Teaching Level 1st To 5th Class 6 to 10th Class 11 to 12th Class
Salary Figure 20 to 35k 25 to 38k 28k to 40k

By reading the above table you can understand what the requirement of becoming a government teacher is and what is the salary package and what study level you need to become your desired level teacher in 2021. 

What Level Of Teacher You Want to Become

Now there is a question of what kind of teacher you want to become after graduation program and what test you can do because it is important to find your desired level first to know which level of teaching you want to teach then after you can prepare for it.

PRT Exam: If you want to teach 1st to 5th class students you can prepare for the PRT exam and for that you have a graduation course and after that you can give this exam and if you pass and get higher marks in this exam you will be promoted for teacher training and when you complete your training period you will be given a seat in a government job. 

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TGT: If you want to teach 5th to 10th class students, you can go with this exam and for that you have a graduation program along with a B.ed degree; then after, you can apply for the TGT exam and become a professional teacher.

PGT: PGT exam is for those people who want to become a professor or want to teach 11th and 12th class students but for that you must have completed the post-graduation program.

But becoming a government teacher is not as easy as you think; you need many skills to talk about them.


Understanding about your student’s program is the most precious skill that you must have in order to become a successful teacher because if you are not able to understand your student’s problems you cannot teach them well and help them in any way so first of all you need to have a good mindset for your students and have the dedication to help them in any situation and building their future.

Professional Skills And Motivational Mindset

A good teacher knows how to deal with students and help them fill them with motivation so your skill is most important for helping students build their future and fulfill their dreams.

You should take care of your manner while teaching your students in class and if you will stay in discipline, your students will also that is why you must have these skills if you want to become a professional teacher in India. 

Future Scope Of A Government Teacher

As a government teacher, you have many opportunities in the future to get a promotion and after a certain period of time you will automatically be promoted and your salary package will also increase.

In India, government jobs are very respected jobs and only a few lucky people get government jobs if you want to get you to need to work very hard for that.

As a junior teacher you will get a good salary package around 25k monthly basic and you will also get a lot of bonus every year or the government produces some bonus on festival days so it is good to have a government job.

Final Words

By following the above steps you can become a government teacher or prepare for exams in India; apart from that we have also provided the skills necessary for becoming a professional teacher in India.

If you have any questions, you can ask u; we are ready to help and if this topic is helpful don’t hesitate to share on social media.

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