How To Become A Nurse In India- Complete Guide

Do you want to become a nurse in India? If yes, then you are in the right place in this guide we will tell you to step by step guide to become a nurse in India and what is the producer for being a nurse so let’s get started.

Basic Guide About Nurse Field

The nursing job is one of the best and respected job in this world because only nurses are available for helping patients and give them medicine on time; apart from that, this is a very responsible job and if you want to become a nurse you must have a degree or special education program in this field then you can build future as a nurse. 

For being a nurse, you should have some basic skills and practical training hours for becoming a professional nurse and you have to perform many tasks in a hospital; that is why a nurse job is not only a reasonable job but you have to be very smart and hard worker.

Now you must be thinking that how to build a future in the nursing line? Don’t worry; here is a step by step guide to become a nurse in India. 

Complete 12th Class

To become a nurse, you must have 12th class with passing marks of around 65% and the student must have done 12th class in a medical stream to get admission in a nursing course and some courses you can do for being a nurse.

Do BSc Nursing

BSc nursing course is for those students who want to build a future in the Nursing field and this course, you will learn how to handle the critical situation and all about the nursing study program.

In the course is 3 years and mostly female students get admission in this field and if you see in hospitals mostly girls are working as a nursing job.

In order to get admission to this course, a student can apply for direct admission and can also apply to any government college.

And if you don’t want to do a BSc in nursing, you can go with ANM that is also a nursing course, and GNM is a good diploma for being a nurse.

Now we will see the benefits of doing BSc Nursing course after the 12th class and what is the future scope of this course.

Benefits Of Doing This BSc In Nursing

Good Career Scope

As a nurse, you have a very respected job and you can work with many experienced and famous doctors that totally depends on your luck and you can build a future along with preparing for a postgraduation program.

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That means you have an excellent career scope if you do this course and you can build a future without any problem.

Go Abroad For Work

This is the main benefit that I love when you complete your nursing course and gain some experience, you can go abroad for work and build a future there at a high salary.

Many students continue to study after BSc nursing and become doctors abroad and build a future with a good salary package so you can also do the same.

High Salary Package

Another benefit that you will get is, higher salary package because the doctor line is one of the most expensive and rich industries and you have chosen the right step.

As a fresher in the nursing job, you will get a good salary package around 18k to 25k as per hospital status that means there are huge job opportunities in this line.

Now we will see the eligibility and BSc nursing syllabus that you will learn while studying.

Eligibility Criteria For BSc Nursing Admission

  1. Candidates must have 12th class in medical stream
  2. Student age should not be less than 18 years

BSc Nursing Syllabus

  • Basic Science
  • Fundamental Of Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Psychology, mental health, and psychiatric nursing
  •  Nutrition and dietetics
  • Obstetrical nursing

FaQ On How To Become A Nurse In India

Q1: Can I Become A Nurse After 10th Class?

Ans: If you want to become a nurse, then you must have a 12th class certificate in the medical stream; otherwise, you cannot apply for BSc nursing.

Q2: Is Nursing Good For Career Scope?

Ans: Yes you can build a future after a nursing course and prepare for a government job or go for a post-graduation program abroad.

Q3: How Much Salary Will I Get After Studying ANM Course?

Ans: When you do ANM course, as a fresher you can get a salary of around 16k to 18k and when you will have good experience as a nurse your salary package will also increase.

Q4: I Have Done BA Graduation Now Can I Do Bsc In Nursing?

Ans: No you cannot do BSc nursing after your graduation because BSc nursing is also a graduation program but you can go with a post-graduation program or ANM course if you are eligible for that.

Final Summary

By following the above step-by-step guide you can build a future as a nurse and if you have any questions you can ask us. If this topic is helpful to you don’t hesitate to share it on social media.

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