How To Become A Police Constable In India 2021

Do you want to become a police constable in India? Do you have a dream to build a future as a police officer? If yes, then stay with us we are providing the complete detail about how to become a police officer and what is the producer to become a police officer in 2021?

Police job is one of the most responsible jobs in India and by doing this civil service you will make proud to your family, country, and society that is why many students have a dream to become a good police officer to clean and make the country corrupt free.

Police officer service is a very respected job and there are many fields in civil service such as IPS, DC, Constable, ASI, IAS Etc. each post require many exams that students need to clear and as per your study level you will get a job profile that will be suitable for you.

Basic Information About Police Officer Job

The main purpose of a police officer is to make the corrupt-free country and sending case details, investigating current crime scenes, and responsible for the traffic to make it run without a problem and in-office profile you will perform like, sending the case to other police stations, handling online crimes, protecting sensitive information from online attackers.

  • Handling traffic and understanding the current situation to make it run smooth
  • Working in offices to send current situation or case study that other officers are doing
  • Investigating the current situations and crime that attackers do
  • Making sure that everything is running smoothly while rallies
  • Taking full control of any crime and solving it at the same time
  • Stopping crimes in local and national level areas
  • Handling the most sensitive situation if any happening
  • Sending the reports of crimes and solving all cases
  • Conduct patrol duties by cars, bikes and making sure that everything is under control
  • handling all calls that are requested to stop crime and taking actions at the same time

A police office job is a very responsible and taff job for handling any bigger problems. That is why the government only hires those who are willing to work hard for their nation and have higher intelligence skills for handling any problem without any problem.

How To Become A Police Officer After 10th

If you want to become a police officer after 10th class then you have to pass the exams. All physical requirements important for becoming a police officer apart from getting a good position must have a 12th class certificate. You can then give exams conducted by civil service exams and prepare for SSC constable profile after completing your 12th class from a recognized board.

All police exams are conducted by state wise and if you want to get a civil job after 10th class, you must have a diploma or course otherwise you can not perform in civil services.

How To Become A Police Officer After 12th

Becoming a police officer after 12th class will not give you extra power in civil service but you can become a police constable after 12th class and perform various tasks in the civil line; apart from that all police exams are conducted by the state-wise and these exams are in written form that is why not every student pass this exam.

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When a student passes the exam and physical requirement, the then-candidate gives an interview and group discussion and checks his intelligence skills if he can perform duty.

When a candidate passes all tests and interviews he will get an offer letter after 3 to 4 months and send for police training to complete his training.

Here are the requirements that candidate need to fulfill for getting a civil job or police constable job after 12th class,

  • Candidate age should not be less than 18 years
  • The candidate must have a height of around 167 cm and 81 cm chest
  • Should be a citizen of India
  • Must clear physical requirement test
  • Must pass 12th class

By following these requirements, you can be eligible for giving the constable exam conducted by civil service exams state-wise.

But the question is, how to pass the constable exam? Don’t worry here is a quick tip on how to pass the police exam in India.

How To Prepare For Constable Exam

If you want to pass your police constable exam you need to do lots of hard work and prepare all gk questions and current affairs with previous exam papers for getting good marks in constable exams.

You can buy books designed for civil exams books, sample papers and make a time table to prepare for police exams apart from that you can get tuition from experienced teachers and surely you will pass the exam.

Salary Of A Police Constable After 12th Class

As a police constable, your salary will be 25k to 30k and when you earn good experience then you will be promoted and your salary will also increase apart from that there are many other perks such as home allowance, government salary bonus and flooding, living expenses which the government covers for police officers.

FaQ On How To Become A Police Constable After 12th

Q1: Can I Apply for a police job after the 10th class?

Ans: No, you cannot apply for any police job after 10th class but if you have any diploma or course with 10th class, you can apply for police officer job.

Q2: Is a Police job is a good career?

Ans: A police job is a very responsible job and there are many benefits of being a police constable in India you can say that every government job is good for building a career.

Final Summary

By following the above steps you can become a police officer or constable after 12th class and build a future apart from that if you have any questions about this topic ask us via the comment section.

If this guide is helpful then share it with your friends who want to become a police constable after 12th in India.

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