The Ultimate Guide To Become A Judge In India

Do you want to become a judge in India? If you also want to build your future as a judge then in this guide we are covering step by step guide to become a judge after passing your study program because many students want to build a future in central services that are why they need proper guidance on these jobs so stay with us in order to know proper guide of being a judge in India.

Why Choose A Judge Service In India

Being a judge in India is the most respected job In our country and most of the students want to become a judge of a high court and a supreme court that is why they do tough work to pass the exams and get good marks in the study.

But the question is how you can become a judge in India? What is the producer of becoming a judge? What are the requirements for being a judge?

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But first of all you need to understand that there are three type of judge in India who perform services in SC/ HC and in local courts which is dependent on their education level and experience so let’s begin with this guide on how to build a future as a judge in India step by step.

Types Of Judge Profiles

  • Supreme Court Judge
  • High Court Judge
  • Subordinate Court Judge

These are the job profiles and areas where you can get a job as per your education and experience level because this is a tough job; that is why a candidate must have good experience in this field to become a high-level judge profile.

Now let’s discuss these three types of job profiles, their importance, and how you can become a judge in India.

Supreme Court Judge

Supreme court judge job is one of the most respected jobs in India because this is the high-level court where a supreme court judge covers every big and most famous case and for becoming a supreme court judge, the candidate must have good experience of high court otherwise there is no chance for becoming a supreme court judge.

As a supreme court judge, many responsibilities and decisions have to take under pressure. Following India’s constitution and not every case is handled by a supreme court covers only a few cases by order of the Indian prime minister and after consulting by India’s law.

But a supreme court salary is very good with lots of perks given by India’s government apart from that supreme court judge has relationships with many famous people along with the prime minister of India. 

That means there is a huge future scope of a supreme court judge and if you want to become a supreme court judge then stay with us. You will get step by step producer to build a future as a supreme court judge of India.

High Court Judge

Becoming a high court is a very honored and respected job state-wise and every state has its own high courts where the high court is handling every case.

To become a high court judge candidate must have a higher level study program and exams and have experience of 10 years in judicial office to become a high court judge in India.

If you have job experience in the judicial office then you can prepare for a high court judge job profile and once you clear the exams you will be promoted to a high court judge.

Subordinate Court Judge

Subordinate court judges are district-based judges who handle all-district has cases in their local areas and this is the first job that a candidate will get after passing the exam.

Candidates prepare for a subordinate court judge job profile and for this exam you need to study hard after completing your graduate degree in law.

Now let’s see that how you can become a judge and build a future as a lawyer.

Pass 12th Class

First of all, you need to pass the 12th class with good passing marks and students can do the 12th class in any stream except medical and they can get admission in a law degree after completing the 12th class.

Students can get admission in any law college and if you want to get admission to a government college then you need to clear the entrance exam otherwise you can get direct admission in it.


After completing 12thy class you need to get admission to LLB which is designed for those students who want to build a future as a lawyer and judge and this course is a 4-year program that you have to do then after you can prepare for LLM for master degree in law.

If you do not want to get admission to a government college then you can also get direct admission in any private college for an LLB degree.

Clear The Exam

When you pass your graduation degree and a post-graduate degree, you can prepare for the judicial service exam and prepare for exam. You can get admission to any institute where you will learn and get many tips and methods to clear the judicial exam for getting a job in this field.

So this is how you can prepare and become a judge in India and by following these steps you can become a high court or supreme court judge but you have to do very hard work for that and should have good experience in the judicial field.

Final Summary

By following the above tips and producer you can prepare for a judge job and get a job in the judicial field, you have to invest your long time. When you have a good experience, you can be promoted to high court judge or even supreme court judge. 

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