The Ultimate Guide To Become A Pilot

Do you want to become a pilot in India? Do you want to fly in the sky? If yes, don’t worry in this guide we will tell you a complete guide about becoming a commercial pilot in India and the producer of being a pilot after the 12th class.

Basic Info About Pilot Service

Being a pilot is a very staff and responsible job and pilots keep traveling all around the world. If you also want to build your future in pilot airlines, you have to pass some exams and do a BSc in aviation program; apart from that pilot job is a very professional job. You must be fit for doing a pilot job in India.

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But the question is how you can become a commercial pilot? And what is the producer for being a successful pilot after 12th class? There is less information about this topic, so we have tried to put complete and in-depth information about how a student can become a pilot and build a future.

How To Become A Pilot In India

If you want to pilot in India, you must have 12th class with science stream with good passing marks because this is a very professional field where you will work and have excellent communication skills.

The pilot job is very responsible because you will handle the aircraft. Hundreds of people are going to their homes or traveling from one to another destination. You have to be a brilliant and quick action taker.

That is why you need to have a smart mind and IQ level but if the pilot training fees are very high and an average middle-class student can’t afford its fees and other costs.

Students need to earn three types of licenses to perform in the airline field, and these licenses can be earned while studying in the aviation program. Here is the name of these licenses that students must-have.

  1. Student Pilot License
  2. Private Pilot License
  3. Commercial Pilot License

These licenses should have in order to build a future in the airline field and if you don’t know about this license then here is a quick overview of these licenses.

Student Pilot License: This license is your first step for becoming a pilot because without this license you cannot get admission to a pilot training institute; that is why you have to earn this license; we will discuss that how these licenses can be earned.

Private Pilot License: After joining the pilot training institute, you need to apply for a private pilot training license that will help you complete your training hours while studying in the aviation field. This is an important license that will boost your knowledge and give you extra benefits for flying the aircraft.

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Commercial Pilot License: This license will help you to get a job in big companies and for that, you must have completed your training hours and study program that will help you to get this license and when you will earn this commercial level license you will able to fly aircraft for national and international flights.

But the question is how to become a pilot in India after the 12th class? Let’s see the step by step producer to become a pilot.

Complete 12th Class

First of all, you must complete 12th class with good passing marks of 65% in order to get admission to the aviation program otherwise you cannot apply for pilot training.

Your 12th class should be in the science stream and in mathematics your marks should not be less than 60% if you want to become a pilot.

Give Entrance Exam

Now when you complete the 12th class in the science stream, you have to give an entrance exam for getting admission in the airline field and DGCA conducts this exam and when you pass the exam you will be promoted to get airline training along with a student pilot license.

Complete Training Hours

When you get admission to a pilot training institute, you have to complete your training hours to get your private pilot license and this license will allow you to work as a co-pilot in any airline company.

Apart from that if you have good knowledge and a smart IQ level then you can also apply for a commercial pilot license after completing your aviation study.

You have to complete around 250 training hours to obtain this license and then fly in the sky at high.

Salary And Job Opportunities

As we know, this pilot industry is one the richest and respected fields in the world and that is why the pilot career is outstanding and gives you a rich environment for living a life and the benefit of traveling all around the world.

You will also get extra benefits while doing airline jobs in India. If we talk about the salary package of a pilot then as a national level pilot you will get a salary of around 1 to 2 lakhs and when you will become an international pilot your salary will be 5 to 6 lakhs per month which is huge.

Here are some companies in which you can get a job after completing your pilot training and study program.

  • Airline India
  • Spicejet
  • Indigo
  • GoAir
  • Vistara
  • Trujet

A pilot can get a job in any above company as per their requirement and build a future.

FaQ On How To Become A Pilot

Q1: Can I Become A Pilot After 10th Class?

Ans: No, you can’t become a pilot after 10th class because this is a higher-level job and for that companies need professional and smart IQ level employees that is why they need 12th pass students and having pilot training completed program along with all license.

Q2: What is the Age For Applying for All Licenses?

Ans: For a student pilot license your age should be 16 years And for the private pilot license your age should be 17 and for a commercial pilot license your age should not be less than 18 years.

Final Summary

We have tried to put complete information about how to become a commercial pilot in India and what is a producer for being a professional pilot and if you have any question you can comment below we will reply as soon as possible.

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