The Ultimate Guide To Make A Study Time Table (2021)

Do you face problems while making your study time table? Do you want to improve your study grades in exams? You might need this guide about making a study timetable and improving grades in exams and staying with us to get tips about making a study timetable.

Why Need A Study Time Table

Study time is a compelling method to keep time for more study and improve marks in exams because when you follow a study plan, you are actually saving a lot of time and building a discipline system in your life.

That is why every school student must have a good study timetable for studying and improving marks in exams and in this guide you will get complete detail for making a study management timetable.

Let’s begin with a step-by-step guide to make a proper study timetable and you can also write it done in your notebook.

(Do Practice) 5 Pm To 7 Am

First of all, when you get up early in the morning you need to do practice for 2 hours daily and this is your first step every day that you should follow for getting good marks and maintaining your exam time.

From 5 to 7 Am practice for all your subjects and never insist on your mind to save all things which you have studied in these two hours.

Time management is one of the most useful and effective systems you can use to get good marks in exams.

Apart from that when you start following your timetable, then never stop following your study timetable until you get your aim.

Take Your Breakfast and Ready For School

Now in the next hours, ready for your breakfast and prepare for school but this step is not in your timetable; this step is just for telling you properly to maintain time for studying.

And when you go to school never bunk your classes. If you do that you will lose many good subjects and topics covered by your teachers so when you go to school for study then always focus on your class.

For completing the study timetable I am choosing the specific time for continuing the study routine.

3 am To 6 Pm(Practice Hard Subjects)

Now when you came back from school and taking some rest you can start your study preparation by practicing hard subjects in which you are weak or zero-knowledge.

Many students ignore their hard subjects in which they have no knowledge that is why they never get good marks in exams but you should not do this if you want to get good marks in exams then you have to study those hard subjects in which you are weak.

6 To 8 Pm( Repeat What You Studied)

After doing a study for two hours your next two hours should be the same you should repeat your all-read subjects to keep them in your mind for a long time.

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This is an important step that you should follow for reading and studying for higher grades in exams.

8 To 10 Pm(Spend Time With family)

You must be thinking that why should I spend my time with family? This is because sometimes some students stop loving their parents and never spend or share things with their family that is why sometimes they have done something wrong that is why you need to spend your time with family members and take your dinner in this time.

The second benefit of spending time with family is that your mind needs some rest and for that, you should take a break during studying and talk with your family, friends.

10 to 11( Write What You Studied)

In your next one hour, you should stop reading and start writing your all study subjects that you have learned today because in your exams you have to give exams by writing not reading so that is why you also need to write your all studied topics for higher marks.

Extra Bonus For Customizing The Time Table

You have learned how to make your study timetable and study timetable sample mentioned above. By following the above timetable, you can improve your study time, grades, and knowledge.

Here are some extra bonus tips for editing your study time table because you have to keep updating your study time table to get rid of boring feelings. 

  • Take breaks while studying
  • Always help your friends
  • Get help from your teachers
  • Always spend time with family members
  • Never waste your precious time
  • Always practice your all subjects
  • Never bunk your classes
  • Listen and focus while studying
  • Stop wasting time on social media
  • Always put your hard subjects in the first line

By following the above tips and methods, you will surely improve your grades and build a proper study timetable for good results.

FaQ On How To Make A Study Time Table

Q1: Can I Study For Long Night During Exam Time?

Ans: Yes, you can do long night study in order to get higher grades in exams but make sure that this should not become your habit otherwise you can be in trouble.

Q2: How Can I Manage My Study Time?

Ans: By following the above tips you can maintain your time and also save a lot of time for studying more apart from that you can also find that what and how can you save your time as per your requirements.

Q3: Is It Good To Make A Study Time Table?

Ans: Yes, every student must have a proper study frame for studying for a long time and save time studying.

Q4: Can I Become A successful Without Time Table?

Ans: Yes, you can become successful in life without time table but every successful person has and follows their timetable to complete their work on time.

Final Summary

These are the tips and steps to create a proper study timetable plan for students and if you have any questions you can ask us; we are ready to help you make a good timetable.

If this guide is helpful, then share it on social media and other platforms.

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