Types Of Courses After 10th Class In India

Do you want to know courses after 10th class and want to build your future? This guide will provide information about these courses and build your future if you do any listed courses.

There are many courses in India for 10th pass students but many students want to do a job after diploma or can apply for a government job.

Best Courses After 10th Class

In India, there are huge opportunities for 10 pass students and they can also prepare for government jobs; apart from that if you want to do a diploma after 10th class you can choose any of the given courses.

Students can choose any course such as ITI computer course, BCA diploma, Polytechnic diploma, Fashion designing course, etc.

Choosing the right course after the 10th class is an important step for your future, so you should do proper research on your course and then get admission into it.

Here is the list of courses for 10th pass students in 2021 and build your future.

Advanced Computer Course

If you want to start your career in the computer and technology field then you can go with his course and in this computer course, you will learn about computer programming such as handling daily tasks in Microsoft, excel learning, how to make cells and other things which are related to computer programming.

Apart from that if you want to start your career after 10th class quickly, you can get admission to this course in any ITI college.

What Should You Do After 10th Class In 2021

This study program’s course duration is 1 to 2 years and you can say that this is a vocational course for students who want to do extra study in holidays and weekends.

Salary And Job Opportunities

An advanced computer courses holder can able to get around a 16 to20k salary package and even more if you will get a government job after this course.

In 2021, every work is being completed by comput. Every small or big company hires many computer operators for their work so you can say that there are huge job opportunities for computer course holders.

Animation Course

The animation industry is expanding in every field and giving the richest results to their business and clients so that is why the animation industry is becoming rich every day.

If you also have a creative mind and want to do something different, you can go with this animation course available in the ITI study program and a BSc in animation and graphic designing, a higher-level study program.

The animation course duration is 2 to 3 years. As per your study level, you can enhance your animation skills and work with many international companies and brands and build your future.

Salary And Job Opportunities

Animation course holder can get a good or higher salary package as per his creativity or job experience but if you are a fresher then you can get salary package around 15k to 18k apart from that there are many job opportunities for job seekers.

  • You can build your own animation film or company.
  • You can do freelancing and earn more income
  • You can go for an abroad study program after completing your ITI animation course after the 10th class.

Electrician Course

Electrician course is another ITI course that you can do after 10th class and you can surely build your future after this course because there are huge job opportunities for electrician course holders.

Apart from that, you can go for abroad study or go for work abroad, which is why many Indian students get admission in electrician course after 10th class.

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These courses are best for building the future as per the market demand to choose any of the courses listed here.

This course duration is 2 years in the ITI field and students can also do postgraduate course for higher salary package and good job profile.

Salary And Job Opportunities

If you have completed this curse you can get up to 15k to 18k salary every month and if you want to do post-graduate then after completing the post-graduation program your salary and jb profile will also be good in India.

So there are huge opportunities for electrician course holders and you can go with his course if you are interested in doing this one.

Plumber Course

This is an ITI course in the Plumber study program in which you will learn all about the plumber study material and how this stuff works; apart from that, this course is good for those students who want to do work abroad.

This course duration is 3 years and if you want to do this course you can visit your nearest ITI college and get more information about this study program.

Salary And Job Opportunites

as a plumber employee, your salary will be around 14k to 17k and after gaining some experience your salary will also increase but most students go abroad after completing this course.

Apart from that you can start your own business and sell plumber related stuff or go abroad for work and build your future.

Final Words

These are the best course for 10th pass students and you can build your future after completing any of the above course apart from that when you will earn experience in any field your salary will be high and you will live a happy life.

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