What To Do After 12th Arts Stream- Most Trendy Courses List

Have you done your 12th class in the arts stream? Do you want to build a future in the arts stream after the 12th class? If yes then stay with us, in this guide we will guide you on which course will be best for you and what types of courses are available for 12thpass students who have complete 12th in the arts stream.

As we see many people think that the arts stream is not good for building the future but is it right? Don’t hesitate to share your answer to this question.

But in my perspective and as I saw many students they are currently working in my It fields, government sectors and private companies at high job profile after doing arts created a course.

Success does not come with the higher study until you invest crore into it but if you have a creative mindset and passionate about your work you will become successful in life so don’t worry about your future if you aim and work on it you will make it real.

Arts Stream Courses Basic Guide

In arts stream courses you will learn many subjects such as design painting, humanity, history, hospitality management courses and skills, performing ats, learning music study, geography, etc.

But it does not mean that you cannot do graduation in any other field there are huge courses for arts stream students or even science students can get admission in any art stream course but you should also make sure that you must have the aim in arts stream.

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If you want to become successful in the arts stream you must have aims and dreams that what you want to do next? What is the future scope in which you are going to get admission?

Best Courses In Arts Stream After 12th

Bachelor Of Art

You will learn all about Indian history, English, political science, and other subjects in your language in this course. Apart from that, you can also do a BA in the English language if you want to make a strong future after this course.

The course duration is 4 years in which you will learn all about political science, history of India, physical education, along with English or Hindi subjects.

After Study Bachelor Of Arts?

  • MBA
  • MA
  • B.ed
  • PhD

There is some post-graduation program that you can do after BA graduation program but there are many courses and diplomas that you can do after this course that is not listed here.

Future After Bachelor Of Arts

When a student completes his bachelor of art, he can go with an MBA program which is a higher level study program, and do a job in a private company as an HR apart from that if you are not interested in private companies, you can prepare for a government job such as, police officer jobs, IPS service, Banking jobs, Control jobs, etc.

That means there are huge job opportunities but you should have a dream which field you want to go.

LLB Course

LLB course is for those students who want to become a lawyer in India and this course can be done after 12th class in science or arts subjects and students can build a future as a lawyer.

The Ultimate Guide To Become A Judge In India

This course’s duration is 3 years in which you will learn all about laws, the Indian constitution, the law of India, and other things that are helpful to become a professional level lawyer.

After Study In LLB Course?

When you do LLB and if you want to do post grduation after LLB then there are some post-graduation programs that you can do after LLB graduation.

  • MBL
  • MBA
  • MMS

Future After LLB

When students complete LLB, they can prepare for a postgraduation program or get a job in the Law field because there are millions of cases pending in India, which means there are huge job opportunities.

There is huge career scope after the LLB graduation program so you can go with this study.

Fashion Designing Course

Fashion designing is another graduation program that can be done after 12th class in the arts stream and this course, students learn about making designs, building professional designing clothes and designs for companies, etc.

Apart from that students can also own their own business after some experience in this field.

This course duration is 3 years normally and if you want to go with this fashion course then this is the best study program for your future scope.

After Studying Fashion Course?

If you have the plan to continue study after a fashion designing course then you choose any postgraduation study program which is available in the market such as,

  • MBA
  • Postgraduation In Fashion

Apart from that, some other study courses can be done after graduation in fashion designing.

Future Scope After Fashion Course

The fashion industry is prosperous and provides a higher salary package to their employees so if you have done your fashion designing course you must try to get a job in any private fashion designing company and earn some experience.

You can get a salary package of around 28k to 25k monthly as per company status and when you will do postgraduation in fashion study your salary will be high.

FaQ On Arts Stream Courses List After 12th

Q1: Which Course Should I Do After 12th Arts?

Ans: You can do many courses, but you must research on them that what is the future scope and salary package information, then you can go with your desired course in which you want to build future.

Q2: Is LLB Course Good For Career Scope?

Ans: Yes, the LLB course is perfect for those students who want to become a lawyer in India and can go with this course if they want to build a future in this field.

Final Summary

These are the courses that you can do after 12th class in arts and build future. If you have any questions you can comment below we will give a reply.

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